Laura Heintzelman
President & CEO
(231) 723-7269

How we can help you

Advantages To Working With Us

Cost-free resource for charitable planning
Since 1987, the Manistee County Community Foundation has worked with professional advisors to help clients with their charitable planning.  We are local, active, strong, efficient, rigorous, and flexible. 

An ego-free partner that enhances your practice
It’s not about us.  The Foundation benefits from the strong relationship between you and your client, and our role is to enhance that relationship.  We can work entirely in the background, or we can attend every client meeting with you.  It’s up to you and your client. 

Wealth of resources
When there are legislative or tax changes that may impact your philanthropy discussions, we’ll keep you informed.  

A leader in the field
We know local issues and leaders, and we know how to bring government agencies, community groups, and nonprofit organizations together for fruitful discussions and concrete action.