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President & CEO
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Which Clients Need Your Help?

Recognizing that all clients may want to pass on their values through a charitable legacy is important to your success. In particular, here are some client situations to watch for:

Routine planning opportunities
• Estate planning
• Writing or revising a will or trust
• Retirement planning
• Tax planning

Family circumstances
• Unmarried clients
• People who are financially comfortable but not necessarily wealthy
• Clients who are married, but without children
• Owners of privately held companies
• Married couples who have independent children
• Clients who want to teach other family members about philanthropy
• Clients who would like to memorialize a loved
• Widows
• People with an existing relationship to a cause or community organization

Financial circumstances
• Your client has low-basis capital gain assets that have greatly increased in value.
• Your client is concerned about personal assets that are generating little or no income.
• Your client experiences a windfall, such as a bonus, late in the tax year.
• Your client wants to transfer ownership of the family business to the next generation.
• Your client is considering taking a closely held company public.
• Your client holds a significant amount of assets in a retirement account.
• Your client wants to provide a steady stream of income for herself or a family member.
• Your client’s wealth is self-made.
• Your client has fully paid insurance coverage which they no longer need for wealth replacement.

Personal beliefs
• Your client is interested in channeling money away from the government through taxes and putting it to another use that better reflects their values.
• Your client feels an obligation to repay society or their community for the benefits they have received.
• Your client struggles with their conscience over issues related to wealth.
• Your client has strong religious beliefs.