Bear Lake Village Blight Elimination Fund

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The Bear Lake Village Blight Elimination Fund has been created to provide a way for people to make charitable contributions in support of eliminating blight conditions in the Village, such as several buildings in the Village on US 31, some that pose safety threats. 

The purpose of the Blight Elimination Fund is to assist the Village with developing and implementing a blight elimination strategy that will benefit the general community.  Fund uses include: expenses involved with enforcing the Blight Ordinance (legal, engineering and other fees); providing matching dollars to help the Village secure grants for demolition, as well as paying the entire demolition costs; making site improvements under the control of the Village and other uses consistent with the purpose of the Fund.  The fund cannot be used for purchasing buildings or any other use that would enrich an individual property owner.  The Village Council will advise MCCF on the use of the monies with consensus of the Councils Blight Enforcement Committee and the Community and Business Alliance formed by the Village.


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