A worthy place to invest

Unlimited Potential

The first grants from the new Limitless Fund were also awarded during 2018. This strategic endowment was established to enable the Foundation to respond to a broad array of ever-changing community needs.

These investments, along with support from the Manistee Rotary Education Fund, Manistee County Environmental Fund and Spirit of Giving Fund, among others, helped fill gaps and realize opportunities across Manistee County. A few of the efforts this vital support helped make possible included:

  • A new state-of-the-art soundboard for the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts, providing patrons with an enhanced experience and artists with confidence in their performance environment;
  • Enabling students at Bear Lake Schools to use an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to conduct research in their local community;
  • Providing the Manistee Friendship Society with funds to purchase fresh food and promote healthy lifestyles for members of our community with mental illness; and
  • Entrance enhancements to the Old Kirke Museum, to help sustain and support cultural programming such as their mid-week series in partnership with local arts organizations.

Thanks to the donors who generously contributed to the Limitless Fund, we are better positioned to meet community needs today and in the future.