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About our Grant Program / Grant Reporting

Over the years, the Community Foundation has helped to create and fund numerous projects that improve the lives of those who live in Manistee County. Our interest areas encompass all aspects of life including youth and education, arts and culture, the environment, health and human services, recreation, community development and more.

The Community Foundations Grant Program is supported by multiple funds, some of which are flexible in purpose and others that support particular aspects of life. Interested applicants are encouraged to review the List of Grant Program Funds to learn more about each fund, supported purposes, and any specific eligibility criteria or grant requirements, which may vary by fund.

Through our Grant Program, the Community Foundation is committed to honoring the intentions of our many donors and creating solutions that make lasting positive impacts. There are multiple ways donors give to help initiate and sustain these programs and the Community Foundation is grateful to our named and anonymous donors who make our Grant Program possible.

2024 Grant Opportunities

YAC Grant Program

The Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is currently accepting applications for projects that focus on youth mental health and promote substance-free lifestyles and involve youth voice in project planning and implementation. For additional information view the MCCF YAC Request for Proposals (RFP).

April 5, 2024 – Grant Inquiry Forms Due
April 19, 2024 – Grant Application Deadline
April 24, 2024 – Grant Applicant Q&A with Youth Advisory Council
May 1, 2025 – Funding Decision Date
May 8, 2024 – Grant Award Presentations

Community Foundation Grant Program

Spring Grant Cycle
March 1, 2024 – Grant Application Deadline
May 1, 2024 – Funding Decision Date

Fall Grant Cycle
September 1, 2024 – Grant Application Deadline
November 1, 2024 – Funding Decision Date

As a special consideration, the Community Foundation is able to accept requests of $5,000 or less for recreational projects on a rolling basis and generally makes these funding decisions within 45 days.

How to Apply

Step 1 - LEARN: Interested applicants should review the Grant Program Guidelines to help determine if the proposed project may be a fit for the Community Foundations Grant Program

Step 2 - INQUIRE: Complete a simple Grant Inquiry Form. We will respond to your inquiry within two weeks to let you know if your project meets our guidelines and will provide a link to our grant application portal if the project is considered eligible.

Step 3 - APPLY: Once you are invited and decide to pursue an application, use the Grant Application Summary and Checklist to assemble the items you should include in your proposal. Your answers to questions and supporting documents should be scaled to the complexity of your project. Submit your application through the link we provided to our grant application portal.



We are here to support you with your grant application and expect you may have questions during the application process. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Above all else, we are keenly interested in what inspires you. We look forward to hearing your ideas for building a community that works well for all!

Contact us at or (231) 723-7269.

Grant Report Forms

MCCF Interim Grant Report Form

MCCF Final Grant Report Form