Portage Lake Watershed Forever Endowment Fund

Committee Advised

The Portage Lake Watershed Forever Endowment Fund was established to provide a lasting source of support for implementing the state-approved Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan.  
The purpose of the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan is to engage all interests in the community in developing a living document that will ensure the the wise use and enjoyment of the Portage Lake watershed for present and future generations.   The plan will be used to guide and inform future monitoring, planning, management, and community and economic development efforts in the watershed.

The vision of the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan is that the Portage Lake watershed will be preserved forever by investing in protection and enhancement of natural and related cultural and historical resources in the watershed to provide economic benefit and to improve the quality of life for present and future residents and visitors.

The Portage Lake watershed is considered one of the crown jewels of northern Michigan because of its scenic nature, high water-quality resources, varied recreational opportunities, historical significance and connection to Lake Michigan. The watershed encompasses 21 square miles or 13,300 acres -- 3,083 of which consist of the lake itself. The watershed is located in Manistee County, Michigan, and includes the Village of Onekama and parts of Onekama, Manistee, Brown, and Bear Lake townships.

To view the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan and learn more about the efforts to protect and enhance the Portage Lake watershed visit http://portagelakewatershed.com.

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