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Our Manistee track teams once again had large numbers of athletes participating, including many that excelled, at the regional and state meets. Recent teams have produced four State Champions, and one was the Gatorade Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year. Even more remarkable was that these feats and the many others accomplished over the last ten years were run at away meets because our school district has no functional track facilities. No track exists to assist those of us in the community to help with a healthy active lifestyle that includes safe exercise.

Replacing the track with a modern, eight-lane track built to 21st century standards has been a dream of many for decades. In fact, many dedicated citizens have been actively raising money by sponsoring races, pumping gas, selling dinners, and collecting donations for many, many years. At the same time, our School Board has successfully sold the former Kennedy School in Parkdale and dedicated the proceeds of the sale, along with timber cutting funds, towards a new track.

View the MAPS Community Track Schematic.

We are now in the homestretch and ask that you participate in that fundraising effort.   Please give generously.  Thanks in advance for FINISHING this important race!

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