Although he never lived here, Forest R. Minger, Jr. held a life-long love for Manistee County.

A self-described fanatic, Mr. Minger had shared that he spent every possible minute of his free time fishing Manistee County waters. He received so much enjoyment from his time spent recreating in the area that he was inspired to give back. Out of his love for Manistee County, and his excitement about the opportunity to have a big impact on a small community, he made arrangements to leave a gift to the Foundation through his estate.

Mr. Minger passed away in 2016 but his legacy will live on. His transformational $15 million gift, $10 million of which was received in late 2016, established two endowments at the Foundation that will enhance Manistee County for generations to come. The Minger Family Endowment Scholarship Fund supports the pursuit of post-secondary education and the Minger Family Endowment Fund will enhance and expand area recreational opportunities.

We are deeply honored to be entrusted with carrying out Mr. Minger’s legacy and hope his incredible act of philanthropy inspires others to follow his example. Together, we can ensure a bright future for
Manistee County!