Laura Heintzelman
President & CEO
(231) 723-7269

Benefits of Giving

There are 6 benefits to giving through MCCF

1. Flexibility
Donors involvement in grant making varies according to personal choice. Some donors ask the Foundation to make all the grant making decisions, some offer occasional recommendations, while others specify at their Funds establishment which areas of interest or organizations will benefit from their Funds growth.

2. Local Control
The Foundations staff, committee members and trustees live in the Manistee area and understand how local and regional issues affect the community as a whole. This broad perspective ensures that the grants distributed are targeted where they will have the greatest impact.

3. Professional Investment Management
No matter what the size of your Fund, all donors enjoy the benefits of a multi-million dollar foundation. Combining Funds for investment purposes provides for investment diversification, greater growth, lower fees and investment management by financial advisors of the highest caliber.

4. Simplicity
Most Funds can be established in one brief meeting, keeping complicated paperwork to a minimum. There are no up-front costs to establish a Fund, plus one gift may provide support for a wide range of charitable organizations.

5. Accountability
The Manistee County Community Foundationis dedicated to serving the public interest. An independent professional audit is conducted annually and published for distribution upon request.

6. Permanence
A Fund at the Manistee County Community Foundation will carry out your charitable interests in perpetuity and will create a legacy that will have a far-reaching impact on the quality of life of our community.