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President & CEO
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Types of Funds

Described below are thetypes of permanent funds that can be created within the Manistee County Community Foundation. The minimum gift level to establish a named fund is $5,000, or $10,000 for scholarship funds.

Unrestricted - Unrestricted funds support critical unmet needs in Manistee County, as determined by our distribution committee.

Designated - With a designated fund, gifts are made in your name - in perpetuity - to any public charitable organization(s) in the United States that you select.

Scholarship These funds may be either field of interest (to support students in specific communities or fields of study) or designated (for specific high schools and/or colleges/universities).

Donor Advised - Donor advised funds allow you - and those you name - to recommend grants and the flexibility to change the organizations you support through the years.

Committee Advised - Organizations and associations can establish a fund for charitable giving and grantmaking. The committee advises the Community Foundation on grants to be made from the fund.

Field of Interest - Donors choose a broad area of interest such as the arts, education, youth, community beautification and development, health and human services and the environment.

Organization Endowment - Manistee County nonprofit organizations have entrusted us with management of their endowments and receive regular grant distributions from their fund.

Charitable Unitrust This vehicle combines a charitable gift, the value of significant tax benefits, and an income stream for family members.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)- A CGA combines a charitable gift to benefit our community and provides the donor a life-long guaranteed fixed income.

Community Service/Nonprofit Support - These funds are created by nonprofit organizations seeking Foundation assistance with the administration of a specific program, capital campaign or other service.

Build-A-Funds - Donors, area nonprofit agencies or organizations can start a BAF to begin building a fund up to a minimum fund level.